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Eurogroup for Animals: Stop The Trucks campaign

Posted on 11 April 2016.

The Donkey Sanctuary has collaborated with Eurogroup for Animals on their recently launched campaign to address shortcomings of the current live animal transportation rules, which leave many production animals, including donkeys, unprotected, sick or dead during transport. The campaign calls on decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation.

Stop The Trucks Campaign

Another new arrival in need - Mbia

Meet Mbia, an elderly ex-trekking donkey who came to us a few months ago. No longer able to work, her owner wanted to make sure that Mbia had a caring and loving home to enjoy her retirement.

She's such a sweet natured donkey who clearly was very well treated in her life. Very curious and interested in what's going on, she likes to watch what everyone is doing and chat to the other donkeys in the next paddock.

Although a little underweight, our vet soon sorted out the dental problems and her condition improved very quickly.


Welcome to Santorini

Donkeys and mules in tourist hotspots are commonly used as taxis, carrying passengers or luggage. We’ve been working on the Greek island of Santorini since 2006 to improve welfare conditions for the 360 donkeys and mules working as tourist taxis.

We are regularly contacted by people who’ve visited the island on holiday but have left very unhappy with the health and conditions of these hard-working animals. Complaints centre on:

Santorini donkeys

Helping donkeys and mules in Greece

The Donkey Sanctuary UK now works in 27 countries worldwide with a continuing aim to reach more donkeys and mules each year. One way of helping to achieve this aim is by forming collaborations with like-minded welfare organisations that are already operating in other parts of the world. One of these organisations is the Greek Animal Welfare/Animal Action charity (GAWF). For several years The Donkey Sanctuary has supported the GAWF’s vital Equine Project.

Helping donkeys and mules in Greece

Preparing for Outreach 2015

As most of you know our annual Outreach Programme takes place in May, June, September and October, waiting for the weather to settle and avoiding the hottest months. Records of each donkey treated are kept and as we are visiting more donkeys every year, our files are getting more and more full.

We are anticipating that we will treat at least the same number of donkeys this year as we did in 2014 – an incredible 180 animals. Organising starts early in the year when we prepare the new report sheets, add photographs and update all our donkey and owner information.

Outreach 2015 preparation

Helena's first dental

Helena was born at one of the Holding Bases on 12th October 2013 and is growing into a beautiful young lady. She has been well handled since the day she was born and is very good when having her hooves trimmed, when standing on the weighing scales and whilst having her vaccinations.

Now that she has a full set of baby teeth, and at the end of the year will begin to get her adult teeth, our vet needed to have a look inside her mouth to make sure there were no problems. We also wanted her to get used to having the dentist look inside her mouth.

Helena's first dental

Lonnie's update

Hard to believe but Lonnie is getting very close to thirty years of age! Although there's been no sign of him giving up the face pulling and nudging feed sacks, he has begun to show his age over the last year.

No major health problems we're pleased to say, but just those annoying niggles that can happen to any of us as we get older. As you know, the minute we have any concerns about any of our donkeys' wellbeing, no matter how small, we immediately call our vet to come and check everything.


Our golden oldies

We're often asked how long donkeys live for and we've certainly got a lot of elderly donkeys with us! As you're probably aware, the majority of donkeys that come to us are quite old and have usually worked all of their lives. Consequently few of them arrive with 100% health but we provide the very best care for them in the autumn of their lives.

Over two thirds of our donkeys are more than 20 years old and 50% are over 25. Our oldest male is Byron (in the first picture) who is 39 years old and here is our oldest female Layla, (seen here) who is 37.



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