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Sad farewell to Tom

In May this year, we had to say goodbye to a very special donkey – Tom. He was 26 years old. It was a very difficult decision, and despite our very best efforts to treat him, we eventually had to let him go, as we did not want him suffering.

It is always very difficult for us, each time we have to say farewell to any of our dearest donkeys.


Grizoulla - a book with a difference

A very kind supporter - who is also a writer, has contacted us some time ago in order to express her wonderful gesture in helping us… She has written a book which reveals the story of a small female donkey, who was born here in Cyprus in the very old days.

The name of the book is Grizoulla - named after the donkey, and it is the story of the trials, tribulations and joys of a Cypriot donkey. This kind lady has decided to donate a few copies of the book to us in order to help raise funds for our work and donkeys on the island!

Grizoulla - a book with difference

Farewell dear Beau

We are sure those of you who knew Beau, will be as devastated as we were when our dear, dashing boy suddenly passed away on March 21st….

Beau had been under daily treatment for respiratory problems for the past few weeks, but unfortunately and despite our very best efforts did not improve and quietly passed away in his sleep at the age of 21 years old.

He will be greatly missed and none of us will ever forget his bold, but also kind nature.


Beau is retiring from his role in the adoption scheme

We would like to let you know about our lovable adoption donkey, Beau.

Our donkey friend has given many years of his life providing much love and pleasure to his fantastic family of adopters, and so we know that you will be sad to hear that from 1st March 2019 Beau will be retiring from his role in the adoption scheme. On the advice of our expert team, we felt it was time he had a well-earned rest from being in the limelight.



Back in 2015, we wrote about Adonis' rescue.

To help refresh your memory, Adonis was a beautiful and lovely natured young stallion, who was very well cared for and much loved by his owner who also had Adonis' mother.

Not long after visiting the two donkeys during our outreach at the time, we received a frantic phone call from the owner telling us that after his donkeys had been let loose by someone, Adonis had badly damaged his left eye.



Two ex-working donkeys have come into our care recently – Margarita who is a large grey mare, and Huey Louis, a smaller brown gelding. Both donkeys have age related issues meaning that they needed extra special care. The owner knew they could no longer work and was unable to provide them with the specialist attention they both needed and asked for our help.

The donkeys were very underweight when they arrived but with the right treatments, food and additional help, they’ve made a lot of progress. Their true characters that have emerged are interesting too.



On one of our Community Programme visits in November, we were treating a group of donkeys and met one in particular who can only be described as a bit of a nuisance!

The gorgeous looking, typical big Cypriot donkey, was so easy to handle and well behaved, we didn't think twice about leaving him to wander around the field while we attended to the other donkeys.

An irresistable nuisance


Several years ago, a young veterinary student called Silke, spent time with us gaining some work experience. She loved the donkeys and told her parents all about them and they later came to visit us. Since then, Silke's mother, Renata, comes to Cyprus most years as a swimming coach and makes sure she comes to say hello and see the donkeys.

A Personal Performance


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