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Judy Welsman
European Welfare and Administration Manager

The Donkey Sanctuary urges tourists to Take STEPS against animal cruelty this summer

Santorini Donkeys

PRESS RELEASE from The Donkey Sanctuary
1st April 2014

In response to new evidence of suffering experienced by animals working abroad in the tourism industry, The Donkey Sanctuary is urging tourists to “Take STEPS” to avoid participating in acts of animal cruelty this summer.

Peropalo Festival 2014: Another year of suffering

Peropalo festival 2014: Another year of suffering

The Donkey Sanctuary has been strongly campaigning to end the use of a donkey in the Peropalo festival in Villanueva de la Vera, Spain since 1986. This tradition centres around a donkey being taken through the narrow village streets being ridden and led through drunk crowds who also fire shotguns and bang drums next to the animal.

Welfare April 2013 - There are good people out there

Yianni with Donkey - Welfare April 2013

We recently received a call from a very concerned local man called Yiannis who had heard that a very thin donkey had died outside of the village he lives in. There was also a young stallion, still alive but thin, and the owner was nowhere to be found.

Yiannis told us he was looking after the donkey to save it from starvation and was furious with the owner. We advised him to call the Government Vet Department and Police and we did the same.

Colleferro donkeys safely home at last

Collefero Donkeys

PRESS RELEASE from The Donkey Sanctuary
20th February 2013

Late last night 16 donkeys and 5 mules arrived at The Donkey Sanctuary’s main Italian rescue centre at Sala Biellese, near Turin. The donkeys were recently rescued from appalling conditions by the charity, from an Italian equine trader in Colleferro, Italy.

Staff were shocked when they found 104 animals without food or shelter. Many rescued donkeys were significantly underweight, with severely overgrown hooves. For some animals it was too late.

Tourist taxi fines bring hope for Santorini donkeys

Santorini Donkeys

PRESS RELEASE from The Donkey Sanctuary
13 October 11

International animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary is today celebrating as a new system of fines brings hope of improved conditions for donkeys and mules working as tourist taxis on the Greek island of Santorini.

Andrew Judge, The Donkey Sanctuary’s Head of European Operations, explains:

Little Helena playing around


€1 Keeps Our Little Girl Happy

Although we put our foal, Helena, in with our oldies group a month ago to learn a bit more about being a donkey, at five months old she still has a lot of energy to burn off. A trip to the shop and €1 later, we put two cheap balls into the paddock to see if she would be interested in playing with them.

Anna & Malou, a strong bond

Anna & Malou side by side

Did you know that like humans, donkeys can bond with each other? Well, this is very true as during our Outreach visit this year, we found out about the bond between two donkeys, Anna and Malou.

This year, when we were planning our Outreach visits, we included the two donkeys in our programme. So, on 3rd of July 2013 we visited them both.

The owner bought Malou four years ago as a pet, and two years later bought Anna.

Donnie II

Donnie II

We’re very lucky to have Donnie II, a working donkey who is 30 years old. His elderly owner met us during 2013's Outreach Programme, but unfortunately had lost our contact details. As she was suffering from health problems, she was desperate to get in contact with us and rang a radio station to say she was looking for a home for her beloved donkey.

On average donkeys in our care

Number of outreach donkeys treated in 2013


A sad ending
Sadly we see a lot of donkeys with overgrown feet many of whom have and will come to us eventually.

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